It was a pleasure speaking with you this morning about my recent success at the 2019 Carolina Cup. As I shared with you, the results were beyond my wildest expectations.
I placed:
1st Pistol Caliber Carbine Sharpshooter
2nd Overall PCC
4th Match Overall
High Senior
I am completely sold on shooting Pistol Caliber Carbine with my Mech Tech Systems CCU. It ran flawlessly and was very accurate. I was only 9 points down for the entire 14 stage match.



I just got back from a long Kayaking trip here in south Georgia. I spent several days on the Little Satilla River and the swamps surrounding it. I carry a 45 on these trips and this time I took my carbine conversion for it. This trip I had a few serious snags with gear though, and my conversion ended up inside my kayak storage compartment, inside a busted case. It sat in there for 2 days completely soaked in the broken case with a wet rag wrapped around it, and in a soggy box. Normally that box would be sealed and the rag dry and ready to wipe it down just before assembly. Not this time. After 2 days I got to my haul out spot and started pulling my gear. When I saw that case and water poured out I almost browned my trousers BUT, I pulled the conversion out and it was only wet. That’s it. Not one spot of rust, not one spec of oxidation, and zero electrolysis. This thing is awesome. Thanks for making something that actually works and is tough as hell. It’s real hard on swamp hogs and deer as well as being tough.



I have 2 of the 10mm CCU and love them. I told the engineer I would let him know how the 10mm upper did with .40 cal ammo. So far, I’ve put almost 4000 rounds through it without a problem.

(Note: Mech-Tech doesn’t officially recommend shooting 40 cal in the 10mm unit)



…Since I have bought mine, over a half dozen of the guys I run with have also. That alone should say something. I even got my wife one in .45sw. And yes I have, along with others, and on an extremely calm day with a VERY good rest shot sub 4″ groups at 150 yards. And no ***** when I say four leaf clover at 100 yards. Same hole all day at 50.

Good – I’ll give you the important ones or I could go on for hours. RELIABLE, ACCURATE, FUN, Built like a tank, easy to operate/disassemble…

Bad – If I had to truly say anything that would maybe even fall into this category it would be this: somewhat kind of heavy. At least more than I had expected. But still less than my Remington 870 12ga.

And most importantly, KEEP IT CLEAN!!! I and many others have found that your groups will start opening up around 75-100 shots after a fresh cleaning. And not bad either, I’m talking maybe 3-4″ groups at 100. Plenty good for anything I ask of the little carbine. So far every one that I have seen is this way. Simply run a BORESNAKE through it and good to go.



A quick update. The CCU arrived yesterday evening and I got it out to the range this morning.

I tested it with 4 different 115g factory ammo choices (about 100 rounds total) and it functioned flawlessly with all.

Once I zeroed at 25 yards I did some testing at 50 yards. The accuracy was better than anticipated. Some of the ammo gave me under 1″ 5-shot groups with a red/green dot sight.

Looking forward to more extensive shooting in the days ahead.



I’d also like to thank you for your amazing customer service. I’ve asked a few questions over the last 6 months and someone has always replied. I received immediate feedback when I asked about placing my order. You took the time to go through my order and gave recommendations based on my needs. And then followed up with an order summary to confirm.

Thanks, I look forward to shooting my new CCU.



Dear Mech Tech,

I took my Mech Tech carbine to the range today and got a 2 inch group at 50 yards, And a number of shooters came up and asked what the hell it was!

Thank you for an amazing product, for the quick shipment, and for helping me with my order.



I don’t know if you hear from customers very often or not, but I have one of your 1st generation CCU units in .45 ACP I purchased I think in 2000 or 2001. I have no idea how many rounds have been fired over the years but it is still as accurate as when I first got it. I recently added one of the Witt Machine muzzle brakes and it brings both the recoil and muzzle jump down where you can almost watch the bullet travel down range. I have a dedicated lower that stays on so I have a close range/ home defense at all times. I have been completely happy with this and the simple blow back design always works.



I recently bought a 1911 Mech Tech CCU in .460 Rowland. Have a Kimber frame and installed a Burris Fast Fire II red dot on it. Went to the range today for the first time shooting .45 acp. I think I had more fun at the range today than I’ve had for years shooting this setup. Zeroed easily 1 inch high at 50 yards. I’ll eventually shoot some .460 Rowland ammo through the unit, but for now, .45 acp is functioning well and shooting where my red dot puts it. this is a great little setup for home defense, pigs or javalina here in AZ. Using .460 Rowland, I suspect this would be an effective brush deer rifle as well. Glad I made this purchase.



Hello Mechtech – Finally had my recently purchased CCU out for some plinking around over the weekend, here in Michigan. What a great product, and thoroughly enjoyable. Had my .40 at 65 yards with consistency hitting the target true. Once again, thanks for a great product.



Hi guys Lee here. I have been shooting my CCU unit with a custom built 45 ACP 1991-A1 frame for about a year at local outlaw steel matches. IT ROCKS! Being a 20+ year USPSA and USSA shooter, I was seriously impressed with the speed and accuracy of the unit. How about sub 2 seconds on 5 plates, and not just occasionally, but consistently. OK, here is the $64 question. Will the Para Ord. ramp work with my SV 2011 frame? My SV 170mm mags with +2 Dawson base pads hold 20 rounds. Given that USPSA is considering a pistol cal. carbine division, what could be better? As a 67 year old USPSA shooter I am only average, B classification, But when I step to the line with the CCU, I draw a crowd. For the first time in my shooting career I am hard to beat.



I’m LEO and am using the mechtech CCU on a glock 22 frame in 40 caliber as my patrol rifle. This compliments my duty weapon which is a Glock 22.

I also have a AR-15 and Tactical Shotgun to use if I want, but for now I’m carrying the CCU.

As a LEO I do like the idea of having my rifle shoot the same caliber as my pistol. I’m fully aware of the limitations of the pistol round shot out of a rifle barrel. This CCU is set up with a Sight Mark Reflex Sight, AR stock, single point sling and flashlight.

This weapon is probably good up to 125 yards or so. I sighted it in at 50 yards with the reflex sight and was getting 2″ groups and tighter with 3 shot groups.



My M1911CCU is short of swing, quick to the ready and a single action 1911 trigger is a joy. It should be great for clearing a building (for you tactical people out there) or in thick scrub chasing deer or pig. The acp cartridges should be good to 100 yards. If you need more power, + p or Super loads are available. IMHO, Mech Tech did a good job. It looks like a descent carbine unlike several other offerings that are out there. It is as accurate as my old eyes – a couple of minutes of angle (2″ or so @ 100 yards). Summary: looks good, shoots good, hits what I aim at and is fun!

I am consistently placing rounds in a 3 inch group @ 50 yards shooting supported (not from a rest) with the Dot Optic offered. The dot is larger than the target at this distance. I was shooting a 3.5 inch bull, the dot is 4 moa, there was no target to reference as it was lost in the dot, and that gets interesting for these very old eyes. Accurate? With out a doubt.

My calculations predict 7 inches of drop @ 100 yards with a 50 yards zero using the 200 grain acp round nose ammo. It starts dropping faster after that.

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