Mech Tech XD/M Installation and Specs

This guide provides important information that you will want to read before the purchase of a MechTech CCU









4″ & 5″ 9mm/40SW/45ACP – YES

XD Mod 2:
4″ – 9mm/40SW/45ACP – YES
5″ – 9mm/40SW/45ACP – YES

XD-M & Elite:
3.8″ Compact & 3.8″ 9mm/40SW – YES
4.5″ 9mm/40SW/10mm/45ACP – YES (includes threaded barrel models)
5.25″ 9mm/40SW/10mm/45ACP – YES

45ACP models can be ordered as 45Super (sorry 460Rowland not available)



3″ Sub Compact – NO
Any Thumb Safety Model – NO
HS2000 – NO

XD Mod 2:
3″ & 3.3″ – NO

3.8″ Compact 45ACP – NO

All models – NO

All models – NO




XD Frame

MechTEch - XD CCU Feed ramp


This is a feed ramp and it is used with all XD frames. This device is necessary for proper feeding with these frames. One feed ramp is included with each CCU for XD pistols. Once the CCU has been properly assembled, the feed ramp cannot fall out. A small magnet retains this part in the frame during assembly/disassembly.



Cross Frame Compatibility – For 9mm and 40SW pistols, XD and XDM magazines are NOT interchangeable. So, XD mags won’t work in an XDM frame, and vise versa. Within the XD (Mod 2 uses XD mags) models the 9mm and 40SW are interchangeable. For example, if you have an XD 4″ Service 40SW but want to get the CCU in 9mm you can do that, just purchase 9mm XD magazines. The same is true for the XDM models. In both models the 9mm & 40SW magazines won’t work in 45ACP frames and vise versa.

XD 45ACP and XDM 45ACP magazines ARE interchangeable.

10mm. The XDM 10mm uses the same frame (feed ramp size is different) as the XDM 45ACP. For the CCU, there is no difference in the XD 45ACP and XDM 45ACP/10mm frames. Thus, you can order the CCU in 10mm whether you have an XD 45ACP, XDM 45ACP (see models that do and don’t work) or the XDM 10mm. Just purchase 10mm mags if your pistol is 45ACP. The 45ACP ejector works fine with the 10mm round.

45Super: Any CCU/PCU ordered for 45Super will also shoot 45ACP.

CCU vs Pistol Slide: The CCU does NOT lock open after the last round is fired. The XD trigger and grip safeties still work with the CCU in place.

Aftermarket Triggers:  Sometimes aftermarket triggers, while they work fine with the pistol slide and barrel, don’t work with the CCU. The problem is not consistent enough to say that XYZ Trigger will not work with the CCU. Due to tolerance stacking your aftermarket trigger MAY not work with the CCU. The CCU is designed to work with factory triggers.



NOTE: Factory Loaded Ammunition Only. Mech Tech recommends only using good quality factory loaded ammunition in the CCU which meets SAAMI, CIP or NATO standards. The CCU is a blowback operated action and is capable of safely firing ammunition up to +P. DO NOT USE +P+ or ‘hotter’ loads.


NOTE: “XD, XDM, Mod2 & Springfield” are a registered trade names and Mech Tech Systems LLC is not affiliated with Springfield. Springfield has not endorsed the CCU and the fact that Mech Tech Systems LLC provides the CCU as a Springfield accessory is in no way intended to imply that Springfield sanctions or is in any way associated with the product.

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