Mech Tech 1911 Installation and Specs

This guide provides important information that you will want to read before the purchase of a MechTech CCU


MechTech 1911 CCU installation guide



For ease of installation please view our demonstration video

  • 9mm and 40 S&W - Contact us for availablity

  • 10mm

  • 45 ACP

  • 45 Super

  • 460 Rowland

1911 Lower

The 1911 Frame

Pictured Left: a 1911 frame ready to install into a CCU Upper. No modifications to the frame are needed! Complete lowers only are readily available from many sources. This allows a user to have a dedicated lower for their CCU. Particularly for 1911’s there are many sources for all internal components and naked frames allowing the more adventurous to build a dedicated lower for their CCU’s the way they want it. None of the 1911 upper components are needed.



1911 NOTES:

Frame Size Compatibility – Measuring from the center of the slide lock pin, the dust cover must be from 1 5/8” to 3 ½” to work with the CCU. Most 1911 pistols, built to original 1911 specs will work whether they have 5" , 4" (Officer model) and many 3" (like the Kimber Ultra) barrels (see the picture at the top of this page for dust cover length requirements). ‘Minis’ or ‘Micro’ 1911 style pistols won’t work with the CCU. Double stack magazine models work fine so long as the rails/trigger/hammer are all standard 1911 spec. Double Action “1911s” do NOT work with the CCU.

Caliber options – If you have a 45ACP, or 10mm, pistol, you can order a CCU in 45ACP, 45 Super, 460 Rowland or 10mm. To order a CCU in 9mm or 40 S&W, you must have a pistol with a shorter 9mm or 40 S&W ejector.

Last Round Hold-Open – there is no last round hold-open function on the CCU.

Thumb Safety Lever – only the original GI style safety will function with the 1911 CCU. Extended length and ambidextrous safeties will not function as a safety but the CCU will function and fire in all other respects.

Grip Safety – this still works when the CCU is used.

Model 70 & Model 80 – Both work fine with the CCU.




Parablock MechTech 1911 feed ramp installation guide

The original, or conventional, design of the 1911 has a feed ramp machined into the frame. Some manufacturers have modified the barrel to include the ramp, thus referred to as a Ramped Barrel. This was mainly done by Para-Ordnance, but Springfield, Kimber, etc have certain models which have ramped barrels when most of their models do not. You NEED to know which style barrel/frame you have before ordering a CCU. Mech Tech has designed an insert called a ‘Para Block’ which solves the problem. Frames with ‘ramped barrels’ can be used with the CCU by installing the ‘Parablock’. The photos below illustrate the difference between a ‘standard’ barrel (left photo) and a ‘ramped barrel’ (right photo).


NOTE: Factory Loaded Ammunition Only. Mech Tech recommends only using good quality factory loaded ammunition in the CCU. The CCU is a blowback operated action and is capable of safely firing ammunition up to +P. DO NOT USE +P+ or ‘hotter’ loads.

NOTE‘COLT’ is a registered trade name and is in no way affiliated with Mech Tech Systems LLC There are many other manufacturers of 1911 style pistols and the fact that Mech Tech Systems LLC provides the CCU system as an accessory item for these pistols is in no way intended to imply that any of these manufacturers endorse or are associated with Mech Tech Systems LLC


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