NOTE: for those less familiar with how to download/save these files the following is provided. As stated above, you will need to have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. When you click on an item in the above list the file will open automatically in your Acrobat Reader application. At this point you can simply view or print the file. To save the file on your computer, use the ‘save a copy’ icon near the upper left in the Acrobat Reader tool bar. The ‘save a copy’ window will open and here you can select a folder into which you want to save the file. At the bottom of this window you can also rename the file (in the ‘file name:’ bar) to whatever you want. Then click the ‘save’ button at the lower right of the window and you are done. You now have a copy of the file on your computer in the folder you selected and by double clicking the file name it will automatically open in Acrobat Reader where it can be viewed or printed off-line. You will notice that Acrobat Reader will sometimes display the pages rotated 90 degress – not handy to read. Use the keyboard ‘ctrl’ and ‘shift’ keys pressed simultaneously followed by the minus ‘ – ‘ key to cause a 90 degree rotation. Repeated operation of the minus ‘ – ‘ key while holding down the ‘ctrl’ and ‘shift’ keys will cause successive 90 degree rotations of the text.

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