Is it legal to convert the CCU back to the original pistol?

Yes. The BATFE recently published a ruling which clarifies this – here is the link: There has been a lot of missinformation circulating to the effect that once the pistol lower has been asembled to a rifle configuration then converting back to the pistol constitutes ‘making a pistol from a rifle’ and thereby placing the pistol into the SBR (short barrelled rifle) class. Not so. Please see our Forum for even further clarification. It is the first post on the Forum so you don’t have to spend time trying to find it.

Do I need an FFL (Federal Firearms License) to purchase this product?

No. The CCU is an accessory, NOT a firearm. As such we are able to ship it to any state.

Is it legal to use the CCU in my state?

Every state has it’s own firearm laws, particularly how your state’s legislature has defined a “semi-automatic assault weapon”. While we know of no state law that prohibits the ownership of the CCU, what configuration you need to legally use it may be defined by your state. This configuration requirement can affect either the CCU configuration, your pistol frame/magazine, or both. We rely on our customer to know the laws of his/her state.

Can I purchase and use the CCU without a stock?

Occasionally we get asked about purchasing the CCU without a stock. We WILL NOT sell them without a stock and do NOT recommend using it that way.

I don't live in the U.S., can I order a CCU?

Mech-Tech does not have an export license so we can only ship to U.S. addresses.

I have an older CCU with a welded on fixed stock. Can this be removed and the housing modified to accept the interchangeable stock system?

The best solution is to order a Retrofit Housing Kit. The kit comes with a new buffer assembly and a new housing configured to accept the interchangeable stock system. Also note that the new design housing has a square front. Mech Tech will supply a filler plug which slips over the barrel to bring the retrofit cosmetically up to date. If your barrel has a muzzle dec fitted, the filler plug will not slide over the barrel. See the FAQ below on how to remove the Flash Hider/Muzzle Dec or contact Mech Tech and make arrangements to send in just the barrel. We’ll take the muzzle dec off for you (at no charge) and send the barrel back in the box with your Retrofit Kit.

Are CCU models available for pistols other than what is shown on this website?

No. At this time we don’t have any plans to develop CCUs for other pistol models.

Can the CCU be modified to fit pistols other than what is indicated on this site?

No. The CCU’s are quite pistol specific.

Can I order directly on the internet from this site?

You can start placing your order on our site. Just click on the Order Now button on the Home Page or on the product pages. Fill out the form and let us know what you want. We’ll call you when we receive the order to get your payment information and answer any questions you may have.

Can I order parts for my CCU?

Yes. You can order as many parts as you want. There have been certain design changes over time and we need to determine which revision you have. Please contact us for details.

Can I shoot .45 ACP ammo in my .460 Rowland CCU?

Yes you can but there are some things to observe. The 460 case is 0.060″ longer than a 45ACP and because of this the 45ACP round actually ‘headspaces’ on the extractor claw which leaves space between the 45ACP case mouth and the headspace ledge against which the 460 case rests. Firing 45ACP rounds will cause a buildup of carbon between the 45ACP case mouth and the headspace ledge. This must be carefully cleaned out before attempting to fire 460 rounds or there will be chambering problems with the 460 round. Otherwise you can shoot .45ACP/.45ACP +P or .45 Super just fine in your .460 Rowland CCU.

Can I shoot .45 Super ammo in my CCU chambered for .45 ACP?

No. For 1911 pistols certain modifications are necessary to allow safe use of .45 Super ammo. Please contact Mech Tech for details. NOTE: – we do not offer .45 Super modifications for Glock CCU’s chambered in .45 ACP.

Can I shoot 40 S&W through my 10mm CCU?

Although we have not done any testing in house, we have received feed back from our customers who claim that it works just fine.

If I order accessories such as the Quad rail at a time after I purchased a CCU, can I get the factory to install these?

Yes. You need to call us at 1-866-433-2122 and make the necessary arrangements.

Can I order a Glock or XD CCU in .460 Rowland caliber?

No. We do not offer this.

Can I print out the price list, check off what I want and send it to Mech Tech as a prepaid order?

Yes – but there are some concerns. You will need to send certified funds (cashiers check/money order). You need to carefully specify the model you want. You must still contact Mech Tech to get the shipping charges and determine if we have what you want in stock.

Can I get Mech Tech to thread the muzzle?

No, not at this time. Customers have been using their own sources without any problems.

Is the Flash Hider threaded onto the muzzle?

No – it is pressed onto the muzzle and Loctite 609 is used to help lock it in place.

How do I remove the Flash Hider (or old muzzle dec)?
  1. Place the barrel muzzle up in a vee block. the edges of the Flash Hider should rest on the block.
  2. Heat the Flash Hider with a propane torch. Only moderate heat is necessary.
  3. Use a wooden or plastic dowel to drive the barrel out of the Flash Hider. NOTE: DO NOT TWIST the barrel or Flash Hider as this will cause gauling and make removal more difficult.
  4. The end of the barrel can be cleaned with light oil and steel wool.
What kind of accuracy can I expect?

This depends on so many variables beyond the control of Mech Tech that we do not specify a number. The CCU is not intended to be a bench rest rifle but there are many units being used in various competitive sports with great success. There are a number of YouTube videos that address this.

What kind of performance increase can I expect with a 16" barrel?

Performance does increase in all calibers. However, there will be a difference between say a 9mm 115gr from Federal and a 115gr from Winchester because of the type of powder used. A little more obviously there will be difference between 185gr .45ACP and 230gr .45ACP. So we can’t say you get X percentage increase across the board. Here is a link to a handy website where they tested several types of ammo in many calibers in a wide range of barrel lengths: Ballistics By The Inch..