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Telestock CCU, How sturdy?

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Telestock CCU, How sturdy?

Postby wdhwood » 30 Dec 2017, 18:12

Considering the Telestock, does anyone have one? How sturdy is it at full extension, any wobble? Thanks.

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Re: Telestock CCU, How sturdy?

Postby Bald Eagle » 03 Jan 2018, 07:10

There is very little wobble, not too bad, as you might expect from the design. I can't recall taking any calls myself from customers complaining about their Telestock wobbling. Watch the Hickok45 YouTube video where he tests the 10mm Glock CCU. It has the Telestock and I don't recall him mentioning anything about a wobble.

I can tell you that it takes some effort to bend the rods. When we re-designed the shoulder plate a few years back I did the testing on the new plate. After assembly and putting it on a CCU I extended the stock out to either the last stop, or at least the 2nd to last stop. Then holding the housing of the CCU I pounded the shoulder plate on the cement floor of the shop, at a little bit of an angle. I wanted to see what it took to bend the plate. After striking the cement several times the plate did bend, so we made it a 1/16" thicker. I can say that the rods did NOT bend at all. I had no problem closing the stock back up when I was done. If I remember correctly, we've only replaced 1 or 2 rods in all the years (10 yrs?) we've been making the Telestock.

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Re: Telestock CCU, How sturdy?

Postby dred » 05 Jan 2018, 17:43

The Telestock is well enginered. Wobble has never been an issue for me. I recently rig'd up slings and the shoulder plate works wonderfully for the rear mount location. I have Telestocks on the 460 Rowland and 10mm.

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