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This is a feed ramp and it is used with all Glock frames. This device is necessary for proper feeding with these frames. One feed ramp is included with each CCU for Glock pistols. Once the CCU has been properly assembled, the feed ramp cannot fall out. The feed ramp comes in two sizes: Large (GBL)for use with Standard and Large frames and Compact (GBC) for use with Compact frames. A small magnet retains this part in the frame during assembly/disassembly.


NOTE ABOUT THE INTERCHANGEABLE STOCKS SHOWN BELOW: Older models of the CCU did not have the interchangeable stock system. These units have a welded on the fixed stock. There is available a retrofit housing kit which accepts the stocks shown below. This kit includes an updated housing and a recoil buffer assembly. This can be changed out by the customer or call Mech Tech and arrange to send in the unit for retrofit. We have also changed the foregrip and standard rail. The foregrip is now injection molded, black, with ribs (see Other Rail Choices pictures below). The standard 6″ rail now has Picatinny slots for its full length instead of 3 pairs of slots. The new foregrip and standard rail are optional. If you have the welded on the stock, all of our accessories are ‘new’. Have a look at the rest of this page and see if there are any enhancements you’d like to get with your new housing.

Part number and cost of the kit:
Retrofit Housing $59.95 // Fore Grip $19.95 // Standard Rail $14.95

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