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Telestock cheek weld

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Telestock cheek weld

Postby Randroid » 08 Aug 2018, 09:22

I'm close to having the $$$ to purchase a Mechtec upper for a 2nd gen Glock 22. My only concern is getting a "decent" cheek weld. I had an air rifle with an m4 stock and sold it because of the cheek weld issue. I've devised various risers, some of which were adequate. I'm open to suggestions except those that say it's not really an issue, which it isn't - if you will settle for mediocre accuracy.

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Re: Telestock cheek weld

Postby Keiichi » 21 Aug 2018, 19:17

I've had mine for about four years, in 10mm. Yes, the cheek weld is minimal. Accuracy, though, is perfectly fine for a PCC given that the difference in accuracy vs a full cheek weld is marginal. We're talking about pistol rounds after all. I easily get 5 rounds into a single hole at 50 feet, and within a three inch circle at 100 yards if it's hot high quality 10mm and I'm careful. If you're expecting better than that with .40 cal, your expectations are very high indeed.

That being said, the cheek weld on the telestock isn't particularly comfortable for extended trips to the range. I have been brainstorming a 3D printed attachment to the stock, attached at the sling swivel, which slides along the upper housing around the bolt and ejection port, to provide a better cheek weld.

I have a thin aluminum sheet partially cut out as a POC, but haven't bothered to finish it since, really, the stock is fine as is.
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