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Postby chaneyd » 17 Oct 2013, 13:24

Any disassembly videos/instructions out there? Cleaning the barrel and chamber is fine for now but eventually you'll want to take it apart for a good cleaning.

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Re: Disassembly

Postby DenStinett » 18 Oct 2013, 23:20

So tell me again how Trump will be worse then the last 8 years !

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Re: Disassembly

Postby musicman » 19 Oct 2013, 19:27

Hi DenStinett - great video! Thanks for posting the link. A couple of comments:
1) He mentions in the vid to be certain to read the manual - good advice.
2) When showing the installation of the 8 socket cap screws which retain the inner assembly and the forgrip, no mention is made of the importance of the 'floating' barrel system - these 8 screws must not clamp the housing tube. Their heads actually clear the holes in the housing - they must not clamp the tube! During assembly one must be certain that these screws do indeed 'clear' the housing. This is discussed in the manual.
3) When the bolt slams forward - either by intent or accident - the CCU should not fire. When using the CCU, one pulls back the bolt an lets it slam forward loading a round - this does not discharge the CCU.
I don't mean to throw cold water on the vid - it is quite helpful as you have suggested and otherwise well done.

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Re: Disassembly

Postby Bald Eagle » 11 Aug 2017, 15:01

All of our manuals are available on the website. Point to About on the top menu, then select Manuals and Instructions. Disassembly is at the end of the manuals.

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