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Favorite CCU Caliber?

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Re: Favorite CCU Caliber?

Postby WyoM » 24 Jan 2017, 21:19

My CCU is .45 acp because I already shoot that caliber and have Wilson combat magazines for it.
My host pistol is a Rock Island G I model.
It was my first 1911.
I have since aquired a Ruger SR 1911.
Not the Rock Island lives it's life connected to my Mechtech CCU.
Had I thought things through i might have bought it in 460 Rowland since I could shoot either 460 or .45 acp.
But I really enjoy my ccu.
I live up in the mountains of Wyoming at a remote lodge.
We have a million acres of national forest to shoot in and we set up a steel target range.
Between us we have 6 pistol targets one of which is a reactive hostage target.
We have 3 heavy steel rifle target set up at 200 yards too.
This is the first time in my life I lived in a place where shooting was as easy as walking out my door.
The caveat being when we have guests we don't shoot out of respect.
But when all the guests leave it is on.
My latest NRA rifleman magazine (JAN edition) has a write up on the Mechtech CCU.
As I suspected the gains in energy are significant.
You can tell by the way the steel sings and reacts.
I am tempted to by a Glock in 9mm and a ccu to match.
I got the bulk deal on 9mm and all I have in that caliber is a Ruger LC9.
What a problem to have! Too much ammo in one caliber!
I haven't mated my Ruger SR 1911 to the Mechtech yet, just the Rock Island.
The ejector on the Rock Island required some tuning and since I have it just right, I might just leave the two together forever.
Having a heavy bull barrel makes my CCU quite an accurate rifle when i do my part.

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Re: Favorite CCU Caliber?

Postby jschlau » 25 Mar 2017, 16:11

40 S&W. CCU is used for range plinking with steel plates and will be used in a local steel match using pepper poppers. I already have a Glock 22 so .40 S&W ammunition and magazines are part of the current inventory. The .40 S&W seems to work well on the poppers with the Glock 22 and should work better with the CCU. The .40 still gives you the option of the 15 / 22 / or 31 round magazines.

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Re: Favorite CCU Caliber?

Postby haysjp » 15 Jul 2017, 14:15

I really wanted 10mm for the extra power it can deliver.
But, I went with the 9mm glock 17 build instead.

Obviously its cheaper to shoot but, the main reason is I think in a SHTF nightmare I would be able to find 9mm just about anywhere as it is such a popular round.
Some one in your neighborhood would most likely have some 9 if you ran out.
Ive finished my build over the course of a month and finally got some range time last week for sighting in.
What a freaken blast. The thing is like a .22 on steroids.
Its so very easy to keep putting rounds dead on target, and thats really the point
I think it will be an excellent defensive weapon for home/neighborhood security.

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Re: Favorite CCU Caliber?

Postby MolassesMike » 14 Nov 2017, 13:49

38 Super

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